New Sermon Series!

Come and join us as we compare and contrast church today with the Apostolic church movement. We are better together!

A Sermon Series on several themes in the book of Acts, a sampling of some of its major themes and their application to us today as disciples of Jesus in our place and time. The message titles and scriptures are as follows:

Islands in a Common Sea   Acts 2:37-47 - Church: the Fellowship of the Believers

Are You a Groupie?   Acts2:46,47 - Relationships, ministry, teaching

Witnessing from Solomon's Portico   Acts 3:1-19 - What I do have, I give to you

We Cannot But Speak   Acts 4:1-12 - We cannot but speak what we have seen and heard

One Heart   Acts 4:32-25 - Those who believed were of one heart

And the Spirit Said...   Acts 8:26-40 - Rise and go!

We are Witnesses   Acts 10:34-43 - Command to testify. Everyone who believes in him is forgiven.

Laboring Outside the Gate   Acts 16:9-15 - Faith, obey, adapt


Publication Date: 
January 8, 2024

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