Rev. Dr. Farrar "Skip" Griggs

Rev. Dr. Farrar "Skip" Griggs
Senior Pastor

JD, John Marshall Law School
MACM, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary
DMIN, Hood Theological Seminary

My personal mission statement says that I want to be a shepherd to the people of God in spreading the Word of God to the community of God. When I was contacted by NPC, I checked out the website and this is what I found:


Growing up in faith
Growing together in community
Growing out in witness and service

How could I not be attracted by the possibilities of merging those two trains of thought! Discipling and growth; two concepts that go hand in hand as we all seek to find God’s truth.

I have been on a lifelong journey from schooling to the military, the business world, the law and, finally, in God’s work though ministry. NPC is a wonderful place to serve, no matter what capacity you are in!

I am trying to be your shepherd for a season. I teach, sometimes from the pulpit, sometimes from the kitchen table. I need and covet the help and support of a very able staff and an incredible congregation. I hope you will come and join us. You may just find God’s truth for yourself.

By the way, the beautiful lady in the picture is Cindy, my wife of 28 years and my companion in ministry and life. Come visit us and we will introduce you to Cricket, our four-legged friend.