Class Programs


All of our programs are play-based and designed to help children develop a freedom and ease in gross and fine motor skills, creative thinking, communication skills, and a love for music and the Bible. Each year will provide more exposure to age-appropriate readiness skills in preparation for a positive elementary experience while allowing children to develop an awareness of God and His love for us.



In this program, a collaborative effort between teacher and parent is established to assist in the beginning stages of toilet training. The children will be introduced to new experiences using a variety of art, music, and large and small motor skill development. Children must be 18 months by the start of school in order to register for this program. A 2-day (Tuesday, Thursday), 3-day (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and 5-day program are offered.


Our 3-year old classes provide an opportunity for children to develop socialization skills in a loving and caring environment, fostering independence and adjustment to a classroom routine. Children will be introduced to new experiences using a variety of art, music, and large and small motor skill development activities as well as social interaction. In this program the children must be 3 by December 31st of that school year and completely toilet-trained at the beginning of the school year. A 3-day (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) and 5-day program are offered.


This program is for children who may have been enrolled in a preschool program and/or those who are ready for a more in-depth preschool experience. The children in this class have another year of preschool before they are eligible for kindergarten. The class provides an opportunity for children to continue to refine their social skills, experience more structure and teacher-directed activities, exposure to problem solving, personal responsibility, and independence. In this program, children must by 4 by April 30th. A 3-day (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) and 5-day program are offered.


The pre-kindergarten program incorporates various developmental and social skills in the curriculum. Kindergarten readiness is developed by circle time, enhanced language arts and reading readiness in conjunction with our handwriting program, Handwriting Without Tears. The class curriculum provides the children with a more structured setting with an emphasis on independence, personal responsibility, and a positive attitude towards education. All pre-kindergarten classes are designed to prepare a child for a successful kindergarten experience. In this program, children must be 4 by September 15. A 3-day (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) and 5-day program are offered. 



New for the 24-25 school year, pre-kindergarten age children can extend their day through pre-kindergarten enrichment from 12-3 PM Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.  This program is intended for children who are enrolled in one of our morning preK classes, and would like additional preK instruction in the afternoon.  This program will be run by one lead preK teacher and one assistant and will include kindergarten readiness skills, socialization, science, free play, crafts, recess and more.  For PreK children who need care on Monday and Friday afternoons as well, you can opt for the PreK/Lunch Bunch combo which will add traditional lunch bunch on Mondays and Friday. 


Our Lunch Bunch program is an opportunity to extend the preschool day until 3pm. Children eat lunch (brought from home) together, enjoy structured activities, free play, crafts and games to enhance their afternoon experience!


We have a number of special events during the course of the school year including a Halloween Parade, Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas Pageant, Mother’s Day Tea, Father’s Breakfast, Grandparent or Special Friend’s Day, Valentine’s Day Parties, Preschool Sunday, End-of-year Picnic at South Ardmore Park and Graduation Ceremonies for Pre-Kindergarten Children entering Kindergarten.