Who We Are

Mission Statement

The mission of Narberth Presbyterian Church Christian Preschool is to introduce children to an understanding of God’s love for them in an environment that incorporates play, social learning, and developmentally appropriate academic and Bible instruction. The Christian Preschool aims to nurture the whole child, as individuals and as members of their families, communities, and the world beyond.



A basic value of Narberth Presbyterian Church Christian Preschool is for children to be known and cared for as individuals. The faculty and staff work to build a peaceful and joyful community, where children can enjoy playing with peers, as well as learning basic academic skills and beginning Bible knowledge. Children also learn to care for each other with gentleness and respect, lessons that extend to serving as caretakers of the earth and God’s creation around us. Each child comes into the classroom with a unique set of abilities and learning styles, and the school strives to provide a safe and compassionate environment that cultivates curiosity, discovery and acceptance of self and others.