Gifts of Hope

Do you wonder how to celebrate Christmas in a way that is less commercial? Do you wish you knew how to honor Jesus’ birth in a more meaningful way? Join us for 2021 Gifts of Hope!​

gifts of hope gallery

Each November, we highlight our missions causes through our Gifts of Hope gallery.

People are invited to look at gift giving in a whole new way as they support missions causes in honor of a friend or family member.  

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What is it?

Gifts of Hope Gallery offers and alternative way to celebrate Christmas with gifts that give twice - to your recipient and to a worthy cause!

Instead of giving one more box of candy, a pair of gloves or a reusable water bottle, give a Gift of Hope in honor of your friends, relatives or business associates. Give gifts that give twice! Instead of wearing out your feet shopping , spending hours scrolling online, or putting your credit cards into meltdown, join us for the joy that comes from giving hope.

For the same price as a box of candy you can give food and hygiene items for homeless individuals.

For the price of a pair of gloves you can give a child a welding student gloves and a helmet.

For what it costs to give a reusable water bottle, you can give a gift card to a new mom.

For the cost of a bluetooth speaker you can provide a life jacket for a camper.

How does this work?

There are 45 wonderful and diverse gifts ranging from $1 to $40 listed on the order form in our mailing.

Although our “gallery” looks a little bit different this year, our mission remains the same: to increase our awareness of our mission causes through giving alternative gifts, refocusing Christmas on the birth of Christ. You can view NPC’s Gifts of Hope Gallery on the website where you will learn more about each gift and its supporting mission organization. Many of these groups are supported each year through NPC’s giving.

Our online format this year allows us to facilitate these same connections with these causes, just in a different format. Here you “buy” each gift, and you will receive a descriptive card with an envelope that will tell your recipient about the gift in their honor. You can use that gift card as your Christmas card, enclose it in your own Christmas card or wrap it up in a festive fashion.

If you prefer, you can turn in your order form, with your gifts selected and a check made out to Narberth Presbyterian Church and mail it directly to the church (205 Grayling Avenue Narberth, PA 19072).

The gift cards for these orders will be mailed to you or made available for pickup at the church after Thanksgiving. Orders can be placed until Friday December 18th. 

With joy and hope in Christ,

Ashley Reed, Ann Saddel, Jessica Gaffga, and Evelyn Ishmael

The Gifts of Hope Team

Publication Date: 
November 15, 2021

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