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Racial Justice and Reconciliation​ Resources

Racial Justice and Reconciliation resources

Dear NPC family,

We are excited to share with you four Christ-centered, Scripturally-based resources that address the issues of racial justice and reconciliation. 

The first three are videos from speakers who address racial issues with great wisdom and encouragement, including some moving testimonies. 

The fourth is a comprehensive, 40-day devotional called “An American Lament” from the Repentance Project that is structured around prayer, Scripture, reflection, and response. It is an educational and deeply Spirit-filled resource that you can work through alone or with others. You can download the entire devotional at the website below.

We pray that you will find these resources as helpful to you as they have been for us.

With Love and Blessings,

The Adult Discipleship Committee

Resource list for prayerfully engaging in racial justice and reconciliation


1. Grace, Justice, and Mercy - 30 minute talk by Tim Keller,
40 minute talk by Bryan Stevenson


2. Racial Reconciliation: Dana Allin, ECO leader, interview with David Bailey of Arrabon Ministry:


3. "The Dream King" William Ford and Matt Lockett - Open Church


4. 40-Day Devotional – “An American Lament”

Each day, you will be drawn into a time of prayer, Scripture reading, reflection, and response led by various Black and white pastors and leaders. Learn more about the history of slavery and Jim Crow in America and the challenges that still exist today in areas such as criminal justice, drug sentencing, housing, education, and health. Consider how God may be calling you to respond both as an individual and as part of the greater Church.  


5. Friday Morning: 7:00am-8:00am Community Prayer Group for Justice and Reconciliation.

Facilitated by Linda DiLullo. Contact Linda or Karen Pappas in the church office for the Zoom link.


Publication Date: 
November 6, 2020

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